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Seeing the moment of Xiao Buye, Jiang Louyue’s eyes could not help softening a little. It’s totally different from the look in Gu Lingshu’s eyes. Emperor Jiu Chen saw everything in his eyes, a handsome face like a God, more and more smelly. You’re an old acquaintance. You met him in the dark arena. He said in such a lukewarm way. Well, he helped me once. Jiang Louyue’s lips raised a shallow smile. Help you? How can I help you? Emperor Jiuchen did not notice that his tone had completely changed, sour, “I remember in the dark arena, you are not hiding from him?” Jiang Louyue explained, “I once had the honor to get a bystander hearing for an inscription class at the Cang Academy. Someone embarrassed me, and he once helped me out.” Emperor Jiu Chen curled his lips. What’s the big deal? It’s just a rescue. We’ve rescued each other more than two or three times. His deep black eyes narrowed dangerously, pretending not to care, but out of the corner of his eyes, they floated to her face from time to time, peeking at her expression. Yeah, it’s no big deal to meet by chance. Jiang Louyue did not seem to care at all and continued to pay attention to the progress of the auction. Seeing Jiang Louyue’s performance, the strange mood in Emperor Jiuchen’s heart was suppressed a lot, and his face was not so smelly. Four thousand one hundred and twenty gold tickets. “Four thousand two hundred taels of gold!” “Four thousand five hundred taels of gold!” “Four thousand eight hundred taels of gold!” “Five thousand three hundred taels of gold!” Gu Lingshu seems to have had enough, and suddenly raised the price of five hundred two,hydraulic fitting supplier, want to win in one fell swoop. A lot of people stopped. The other side is the heir of Prince Gu, who is the heir of dukes, earls, marquises, viscounts and lords, and can not compete with him. Besides, five thousand taels of gold tickets are enough to buy a two-star energy amulet from the master of Junnuo Inscription in the Liusan Pavilion opposite. More than two-thirds of the competitors have stopped. Six thousand taels of gold! But it happened that at this time,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, Xiao Buye’s voice, which was as warm as water, sounded again. The country of the sea is rich, with countless treasures on the sea, and Xiao Buye’s financial resources are beyond doubt. Chapter 36: Money is capricious! Gu Lingshu really wants Jiang Louyue’s one-star energy symbol very much, and he wants it to be crazy! “Seven thousand two gold tickets!” Gu Lingshu gritted his teeth, accustomed to the gentleman’s disguise, has a tendency to crack. Seven thousand taels is the limit he can take out! Xiao Buye’s face did not change color, his lips were still hooked with a smile like the first snow, and his amber eyes were very clear. Ten thousand taels. The voice of the Lord of the Night Island is still so warm, but with an undoubted deterrent. Gu Lingshu is silly. Ten thousand?! In a hurry, he couldn’t help losing his temper. He opened his eyes wide and looked straight in the direction of Xiao Buye. He asked, “Take twelve thousand gold tickets and buy a one-star energy amulet. Prince Xiao, needle valve manufacturer ,ball valve manufacturer, aren’t you crazy?” Still smiling at the corners of Xiao Buye’s lips, he glanced lightly at Gu Lingshu and said, “Ten thousand taels. Is that a lot?”? Xiao just felt that the mysterious master’s inscription works were worth the price. Gu Lingshu was speechless. Fighting with the Lord of Everlasting Island is purely looking for smoke! “Good, good, good.” Gu Lingshu said three “good” words in a row, a word bite is heavier than a word, “since Prince Xiao is rich and powerful, then this one-star energy symbol belongs to you.” Xiao Buye’s amber eyes narrowed slightly, his expression was calm, and he was not complacent about it. Gu Shizi, not the night is not intended to seize love. Not the night is really too fond of this star energy symbol, the maker of this inscription is also full of interest. Xiao Buye’s voice is very calm, he always does not like to make enemies with people, said, “Gu Shizi can rest assured, Buye only needs one, the remaining two inscriptions, Buye will never participate in the auction.” “Really?” Gu Lingshu narrowed his eyes and looked at Xiao Buye with great distrust. Xiao Buye nodded his head gently, and his voice was firm: “a word spoken by a gentleman cannot be recalled.” Gu Lingshu beamed. Xiao Buye bid successfully and won the first one-star energy amulet. He paid ten thousand taels of gold tickets to Xinglao on the spot, paying with one hand and taking the goods with the other.
Xiao Buye happily took a star energy amulet and returned to the front row of VIP seats, sitting beside Fan Zumingluo. No night, quick, show it to the teacher! Fan Zumingluo’s eyes were shining, and he could not hold back his inner excitement. He stretched out his hands and took the initiative to ask his apprentice for it. Xiao Buye is a little reluctant. I just got the treasure, and I haven’t covered it up yet, and I haven’t had a chance to understand and study it, so I’m going to send it to the master. However, as a disciple who respected the teacher, Xiao Buye obeyed the teacher’s orders and offered the one-star energy amulet with both hands. Master, after you. Fan Zumingluo took a deep breath, took the one-star energy amulet with both hands, and a layer of Zhenyuan light rose from the palm of his hand. He used the thick Zhenyuan to refine the mark of the golden magic harp on the cheap paper, revealing the true body of the inscription. Fan Zumingluo gazed intently at the extremely complicated lines and said, “The core of the one-star energy symbol is the powerful lines.”. But the strong lines of this amulet are slightly different from what I usually see in the Dagan Dynasty. “Here it is.” Xiao Buye also found it. He stretched out a hand and pointed to the four corners of the strong lines. He said, “The lines of this one-star energy symbol are only five percent different from most of the one-star energy symbols that the disciples have seen.” “But the five percent difference is the essence!” Fan Zumingluo’s eyes were like torches, pointing out the key to the problem. Master. Xiao Buye frowned slightly, his amber eyes looked a little sad, as if he was thinking about something, “How do you feel, this unique strong line, as if you had seen it somewhere..” “All nonsense!” Fan Zumingluo rolled his eyes,stainless steel tube fitting, gave a light rebuke, and said, “I’ve never seen such exquisite and complicated lines in the field of inscriptions for more than thirty years. You’re only sixteen years old. Where have you seen them?” 。 chinaroke.com

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