“Little Moon,” said Wu on the bank of the river, “Auntie knows you’re upset, but she can’t help it. Your father is doing it for you, too.” Wu Shuiyue smiled, even claimed to be, in fact, the heart has already turned over thousands of volumes of legendary scripts in the abdomen, this dialogue, not a thousand, but also eight hundred of the villain elders used, but very familiar. On the bank of the Wu River, she knew she must be in the belly. “I was just like you..” she sighed. Before she had finished speaking, she suddenly heard someone in the distance shouting, “I opened this mountain, and I planted this tree.”. Want to cross this road, stay to buy road money! There’s a robber! Wu Shuiyue’s eyes immediately sparkled with eerie light. Wu Jiangpan said in astonishment, “I obviously hung the dragon head of the North Green Forest..” Still waiting to tell her niece not to be afraid, she caught a glimpse of Wu Shuiyue’s expression and immediately changed her mind. She took her hand and lifted the curtain out of the car. She raised her voice and said, “These days, the emperor is fooling around, and the outlaws are not coming according to the rules.” “My aunt also thinks that this way of choosing a show girl is a bastard.” Wu Shuiyue was so happy that she hid behind her and looked at the group of bandits who had robbed her. About 30 people, a style of indigo-dyed coarse cloth, but also a bit of a full-time robber. The bandit leader was a woman who wore a curtain hat and did not distinguish her appearance. Although her costume was the same as that of other people, she stood there quietly,65 inch smart board, naturally bringing out the dignity and grace of the leader. Wen Yan replied with a smile, “Don’t you hear that your superiors and subordinates follow suit?” As soon as the bandit leader’s voice fell, a man jumped out of the crowd and shouted, “Stop, stop, stop!”! This answer is not powerful enough, too gentle, too bookish. You should say, ‘If you want to be a ***ing emperor’s wife,75 smart board, you have to give me a piece of the cake first!’ “The man taught the bandit leader a lesson. Then he turned around and pointed to the bank of the Wujiang River and said,” Do it again. Ask me again what I said just now. ” Volume 2 Yanyun Fengyue Chapter 4 Blossom Season 2 Bandit a’s voice had not yet fallen, and a bandit B stepped out of the crowd. He was handsome and elegant, but now in the weather at the end of October, he was shaking a goose feather fan in his hand. He retorted, “Uncle Fugui, your words are not right. The leader is a woman, and the other party is the emperor’s wife. It doesn’t make sense to get a piece of the cake.” The bandit a, who was called “Uncle Fugui”, asked: “What do you say? You can’t come forward to make a bow and make amends, and then raise an orchid finger. “He tightened his voice and said in a soft female voice,” My guest, leave the money to buy the road. ” All the bandits and the robbers roared with laughter regardless of the situation. The bandit a followed up the victory with a chase and said, “Robbing is robbing. You have to shout out your voice first, and then the leader will come out and kill you for a few rounds. This is basically done.” Bandit B said, “According to you, I jumped out to greet the eighteen generations of ancestors of the other side. Finally, I carried a machete and killed all sides.”? Don’t you hear that it’s the right way to defeat the enemy without fighting.. The bandit leader lazily waved his broadsword and ordered the two men to shut up. “It’s so troublesome to be a bandit, smartboards for business ,86 smart board,” he said with a smile. “Excuse me. Shall we do it again?” Between her brandishing the knife, she was disorganized and unable to control it. The leader was like this, thinking that the bandits were nothing more than that. She was relieved by the Wujiang River. She had worked hard on martial arts when she was young. Although she was not a first-class player in Jianghu, she was not afraid of such unfashionable bandits. So he told Wu Shuiyue, “They’re just a bunch of fools. Wait for my aunt to send them away quickly so that they can go on their way. You go back to the car and wait.” Wu Shuiyue promised, where is willing to move? On the bank of the Wujiang River, he untied his belt, shrank his shoulders, took off his robe, and threw it to the servant woman Chunmu without looking back. Although she is nearly 40 years old, she is still full of charm. Inside her robe is a narrow-sleeved Luo dress, which has recently been spread from a famous lady in Jianghu to the folk. She has six Hunan skirts, which are heroic and neat with dignity and charm. It is quite different from her opponent’s strong dress. At this moment, she folded her fists and said, “The old woman is now talking crazily about her youth. According to the rules of the Greenwood, the winner is the king. Please!” The bandit chieftain was about to strike with a knife in his hand, but he was stopped by bandit a. “Don’t panic, chieftain,” he said. “It’s not time to strike yet.
Xiao Qing, read to her the 18th mountain rule of our Black Wind Stronghold! Bandit B shook the goose feather fan in his hand a few times and intoned, “Article 18 of the Mountain Regulations of the General Store of the Black Wind Stronghold in the Taihang Mountains says: When merchants come and go through the area under the jurisdiction of the Black Wind Stronghold, they must pay the toll with their belongings.”. “Each one has a piece of silver, and neither the old nor the young are deceived.” One dollar per person? Wu Shuiyue took the lead and laughed. If he had known it was for this price, what would he have been afraid of? On the bank of the Wujiang River, she laughed back angrily. Looking around, she saw a walnut tree with thick arms on the side of the road. It dodged, drew a sword, broke the tree, returned its scabbard, and retreated. The five movements were completed at one go. People who were a little slow to react could only see a flash of cold light and the tree was broken, but she was still standing there. Only her skirt moved slightly, as if she had been excited by a breeze in the mountains. Stretching her arms, she put on her robe again, served by Chunmu, and sighed, “Hanju will count the money. Let’s go!” Another of her servants, Han Ju, laughed her head off. When she heard this, she took out ten taels of silver ingots from her purse and threw them at her. She said, “We have a total of fifty-six people. We have a total of five taels and six yuan. Let’s reward the rest.” The bandit leader took the silver in his hand and said with a straight face, “We are serious robbers, and we don’t accept rewards.”. Laosi, look for redemption. A bandit took the silver and weighed it, but there was no change. He asked several people, but they didn’t bring the clippers and scissors. The money had not been delivered, and it was not convenient to let it go. So a group of bandits were still blocking the road. A group of people on the bank of the Wujiang River had been waiting impatiently for a long time. The guard at the head shouted, “You bitches who have been blinded by lard, why don’t you get out of here after collecting the money?” As he spoke, a machete fell from the sky with lightning speed, shining straight into the ground in front of him, only half an inch from his toes. The bandit leader had already retreated to the side of the road, but now he came back and stood in front of him and said slowly, “I hate these two words most in my life.” The situation took a turn for the worse, and the guards were already contemptuous of him. When they heard this, they even raised their voices and scolded: “Bitches are bitches,touch screen board classroom, you bitches..” The bandit leader picked up his long sword and shouted, “As usual, return the money to them and change it to a big robbery.” 。

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